Automate workflows with intelligence

Simulate any repetitive, manual workflow with a bot.

We help automation-minded teams build robust robotic agents 🤖 to handle tedious tasks via LLMs and computer vision, smoothly integrated into the standard workflow.

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RPA of the Future

We make it easy for companies to automate data entry/scraping in filing and processing flows using LLMs and computer vision.

No integrations, no lift 💻

No integrations, no lift 💻

Sola RPA is fully generalizable: compatible with any browser sites and desktop software.

Bots that learn 📚

Bots that learn 📚

Build bots in copilot – new logic is automatically built in to the existing workflow.

Simple interface, ∞ possibilities 💫

Simple interface, ∞ possibilities 💫

Go from screen recording -> annotated workflow -> bot in minutes.


AI-Powered Automation:
RPA tooling built to scale

Craft seamless, AI-enhanced workflows in transforming your data entry, scraping, and filing operations. Gain full control and transparency across all processes with a centralized, intuitive tool and developer API integrations.

Ensure efficiency and scalability at the heart of your business.

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Empowering Industries:
Our Impact Across Sectors

We strive to drive innovation across various sectors with our cutting-edge AI and computer vision technologies. Some of the recent customers we’ve worked with include:

  • An SMB unicorn, in deploying bots tailored to each state's filing workflow, enhancing their operational efficiency.
  • A rapidly scaling neobank, employing our solutions to extract vital information from contracts on government financial websites.
  • An insurance company, for who we’ve significantly streamlined claims processing and fraud detection procedures.

These success stories exemplify our commitment to optimizing workflows and driving business growth across a diverse range of industries.